Arduino Bunny Light

I built an Arduino nightlight that looks like a bunny.


I was inspired by this blog post on Sparkfun. However, I wanted to do something more complex in terms of lightning. The bunny shape was laser cut from acrylic and a simple circuit board was assembled to host two RGB LEDs that connected, along with a button, to an Arduno Nano board.

There are three modes for this nighlight:

  1. solid color (five colors pre-loaded; those can be rotated through by a short button press) The single button press controls the light mode:
  2. pulsating color (same five colors; those can also be rotated through by a short button press)
  3. crossfading light (uses the same five colors).

The long button press activates one of the sleep mode durations (turning the light off after 15 / 30 / 60 minutes). A short button press after the sleep mode was activated will cancel it.

ThisĀ GitHub page contains the code and circuit design files.